abril 28, 2011

Un desayuno harinoso :)

 ¡Desayuno harinoso después de Pesaj!
  Floury breakfast after Pesaj!

Ellos se ven deliciosos, pero realmente sólo sabían bien, fueron rápidos y fáciles de hacer, pero no usaré esa receta otra vez, son sosos...así que no me molestaré en compartir la receta.
They sure look good, but they were actually just ok, they were fast and easy to do, but I wont use that recipe again, it's kind of bland...so I wont bother sharing it.

abril 20, 2011

Kasher LePesaj

Vivo en un pais donde las provisiones kosher para Pesaj solo las consigues en la internet...excepto un solo vino, asi que Pesaj aqui es pura supervivencia y siendo que basicamente solo se pueden comer vegetales frescos y carnes, pues el menu se pone corto.
I live in a country where kosher for Passover groceries are only available on internet...except one wine, so Pesaj here is pure survival and being that basically we can only eat fresh veggies and meat, well the menu goes  short. 
Matzah con chocolate
 Esto fue lo que prepare esta noche y WOW estaba delicioso:
This is what I made this evening and Boy oh boy it was delicious:


ooey gooey delicious
Matzah con chocolate: tres matzot a los que previamente les pase una brocha con leche ya dulce y luego a cada uno una capa de esta deliciosa crema (con 1/4 menos de azucar) y a refrigerar porunos minutos.
Chocolate Matzah: three matzot sheets which I previously brushed with sweet milk and the cover each one with a layer of this delicous cream ( I used 1/4 less sugar) and pop'em in the freezer for a couple of minutes.


Pizza de matza: Un tomate bugalu (italiano) y 3 lonjas largas de queso, oregano, perejil y sal al gusto. Esto es para una matzah, hecho en la estufa en una plancha cubierta con tapa para derretir el queso...Cuantos halagos he recibido!! Delicioso, saludable y satisface!
Matzah Pizza: One plum tomato and 3 long slices of cheese, oregano, parsley and salt to taste. This is for one matzah sheet, made on the stove top on a toasting pan covered to melt the cheese...I got a lot of compliments on these two!! Delicious, healthy and satisfying! 

abril 16, 2011

What I've been up to...in one day!

Yesterday was a very rushed day, it was Friday...hours away from Shabat, hours away from Isaac's b day
Oatmeal and Peanut butter bars

Cinnamon rolls-unbaked-


Cinnamon rolls-baked-

Mmm breakfast

oatmeal bars yummm
I woke up early, and since Pesaj is so near, I have to use my cereals!!! so I made some oatmeal bars, ready by 8 am.
Then all day very focused working on Isaac's present, made a pause to make Challah, then another pause to make cinnamon rolls to just pop'em in the oven on Saturday morning (YUM)
The baby's present I was working on ; )