enero 17, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños, Mi Amor

Cena especial con mis padres, la estrella de la noche: El postre Nidos de Phyllo con crema pastelera y cóctel de frutas...WOW

Special dinner with my parents to celebrate my hubby's bday, the star of the night: Dessert! Baked Phyllo nests with pastry cream and fruit cocktail...WOW

Want some?

enero 06, 2011

Beurre d'arachide et chocolat noire

Peanut Butter Chips

Dark Chocolate Chips

Silicon Mold to melt the chips on the microwave

Already melted the PB ones, now adding the dark chocolate on top
They are melted, so now with a toothpick I blend them without mixing them with the PB ones

TADA!! Ready to go to the fridge for a while

For the other ones, melting the milk chocolate

Once melted, top with PB chips

Smudge the top without mixing


A dark chocolate chip in the middle

The final product!



not bad for the 1st time

enero 01, 2011


Como parte de los juegos del Cyber Baby Shower, incluimos este: personalizar tres camisetitas para luego enviarselas como regalo y tambien souvenir. Le pedi a mi hermana que escogiera a tres de las personas presentes para hacer algo bonito y significativo,ella no tenia idea de que era algo como esto, sin embargo escogio a mi mama, a mi papa y a mi...estaba tan emocionada! No sabia que escribir, que dibujar, estaba hasta nerviosa y tan pero tan feliz. Bueno, el asunto es que lo logramos y aqui esta ella con sus camisetitas personalizadas con tanto amor.
As a part of the Cyber Baby Shower games, we included this one,
to personalize three little shirts to then send them to the baby as 
souvenirs and as presents as well, I asked my sister to select three of 
the people to do something nice and meaningful, she had no idea it
was something like this,  but she picked my mom, my dad and me...
I was so thrilled and excited!! I didn't know what to write, 
I was even nervous and so so happy.
Well,thing is that we did it, and now there she 
is with her lovely personalized tees.